Hi folks

As usual it’s been a while between posts. It has been a year unlike any other during our lifetimes  and it seems to continue.

If there has been anything that has allowed us to escape it has been our training. With quieter roads during the initial lockdown it encouraged people to get outdoors and start doing a bit more exercise. In the Northern Hemisphere we have been fortunate to have had a fantastic summer. I think the fact that we were outdoors more really made people more aware of what they were missing out on. The irony is that races were cancelled but more people seemed to be training.

Most of the world seems to be going through a second spike and lockdowns seem to be happening once again in certain areas.

With winter approaching and not having had much of a race season it is very easy to let training take a back seat. It is important to give yourself a bit of down time just as you normally would at the end of your season. Not only do you need a physical break but you need a mental break. Try out a different sport or hobby or simply take a week off and just train when you feel like it. I always think it is a good time to get back into the gym if you have let that go during the summer. Get your muscular skeletal system strong again and activate those muscles ready for when winter training starts.

Get ready for winter. Get your turbo set up. Sign up for that gym membership(provided you are allowed to go) or set up a home gym with a few bands and weights. Use one of the many virtual cycling apps such as Zwift. For a small monthly fee you have access to all sorts of sessions and training plans. Sufferfest is another great platform.

You can also start to think about what races you want to do. Even though things seem uncertain, I think you still need to have a goal. This can’t go on forever!

If you need a new coach TPS now has Rik Mellor, Nick Thorne and Katie Silva coaching under the TPS umbrella. If you need a personalised plan TPS can set up a plan individualised to you based around your schedule and experience level. Contact us if you are interested and let us know what you need.

Happy Training.