Super League(SL) comes to the shores of Jersey next week featuring some of the best male and female triathletes in the world . How did it come to be in Jersey? Well TPS has had a small role in getting it to the Rock.

It all came about back in March after TPS’s winter training camp in Fuerteventura. Icelandic triathlete Siggi Ragnarsson got a wild card entry through Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack at the first Super League event staged in Hamilton Island, Australia. It’s a long story but Macca had been in Iceland doing the first half Iron distance race in 2015 organised by Petur Einarsson and through that connection Siggi was thrust into the international arena which turned out to literally be a baptism of fire. Siggi actually did really well considering this was his first professional race and he showed he can mix it up with some of the best athletes in the world on the swim and bike. His run obviously needs work but this takes time.

While having a discussion with Macca in Hamilton Island we stumbled across the topic of the next Super League venue and where was it? I mentioned ‘Would Jersey be a realistic location’? and Macca said ‘Mate! Jersey has the DNA for Super League’

On returning to Jersey there was really only one person to speak to, Fintan Kennedy. He works in the corporate world in Jersey. Fintan is coached by TPS and is a well accomplished athlete in his own right. He is involved in the triathlon scene in Jersey in a few ways. He has set up the Aztec Junior Academy, helps with the Junior side of the club and is involved on the performance side of things on an administration level. The guy has basically got brains and passion so he said lets make this happen! We approached 3D events Managing Director Andrew Thomas about being the events team on the ground and he happily agreed.

The first thing was to approach the government in Jersey as this was probably the most important aspect to make it happen. Senator Lyndon Farnham was approached, he has also been coached by TPS in the past and loves triathlon so he saw the potential of SL straight away. He went away to chat to the politicians and from there things started to take shape. Macca then came over to Jersey and together with Fintan and myself sat down and laid out what SL could do for Jersey. After that Super League CEO Michael Dhulst came over and pitched to several corporates which luckily helped get some funds together. Fintan continued to bring in the cash from corporates as well and eventually enough was raised to actually make SL happen. It was announced in early July and SL is now 10 days away!

Some of the athletes competing have won Olympic medals and world titles. It will be two days of intense, fast and entertaining racing.

The first day of racing is the triple mix over a 300m swim, 5.5km bike and 2km run. The athletes will race the distance three times. When the first competitor crosses the line the clock will start to count down 10min and then they go again in the order that they finished but will start with a run then bike then swim. The 3rd race will be a bike, swim then run. All finishers in 16th place or below will receive one (1) point each. Non-finishers will be deducted (1) point. Three (3) points will be deducted from each athletes who does not start the race.

 The second day of racing is the Eliminator format which comprises of three races of swim-bike-run with a 10-minute break between each race. The 10-minute break commences when the winner of the preceding round crosses the finish line. This means every athlete behind the stage winner has less than 10 minutes to recover! After the first race athletes finishing 16 to 25th are eliminated. After the second race athletes finishing 11 to 15th are eliminated. The third race is left with the final 10 athletes and is effectively the final. The first athlete across the line is the winner of the Eliminator.

As well as having the pro’s racing there will be a Corporate Mix on each morning which will consist of 6 athletes each choosing to either swim, bike or run which will be done twice. Points are collected depending on where you finish. Each Corporate team is teamed up with two pro’s. Depending on where each pro finishes in the pro race points table will determine a combined total of the corporate team plus the pros points.

The race will go out to the world via social media and will be live around the world on various T.V channels. It promises to be entertaining and exciting so be sure to tune in. The plans for the future are mass participation by age group athletes which will open an exciting format of racing to age group athletes.