• Playitas Resort

TPS Winter Training Camp

Fuerteventura – Playitas Resort

29 Feb-7th March 2020

TPS has used Playitas Resort since 2012. Held in the first week of March the camp offers a balanced approach to training and down time. Not every session is a hard session. You are eased into the training week, assessed for ability and put into suitable groups with a coach. We often find we have to slow people down at the start of the camp to make sure they make it through the week. We have some challenging training sessions where you will learn about pacing, hear rate or power and nutrition that will help you with your training and racing for the season ahead.

You will swim in a 50m pool or the sea, cycle on quiet roads with respectful drivers and run on some of the many running trails around the resort. We make sure that you also get some down time. You can choose to skip sessions if you feel you need a break or do more.

Coach Andy Brodziak offers advanced Sweat Testing from Precision Hydration with a seminar as an added extra. Anyone who suffers from cramping or poor performance during training and racing will benefit from this.

The camp is a great way to kick start your year so contact us if you are interested.