This inclusive package offers professional-level coaching and support, including an expertly designed, comprehensive training plan which has been custom-created to maximise your athletic potential

This package is perfect for you if you:

  • Have very specific training and racing goals, and you require the support of an experienced, elite-level coach to achieve them
  • Want detailed and customised training instruction and feedback on key sessions, using monitoring equipment
  • Want high levels of input and feedback on your training and racing
  • Want to build a strong, supportive and lasting relationship with your coach
  • Want to learn more about yourself and your sport from one of our experienced triathlon coaches

What is Included

An individually tailored, professionally developed 12 month plan structured to incorporate your racing and training goals, time commitments and personal strengths and weaknesses. With a targeted focus on your goal events, we will provide enhanced individual input, feedback, and support, including all the benefits of a Performance Plus package, with the following additional premium services:

  • Initial Static and Dynamic Postural and Movement screenings
  • These can be done via photos and videos, and allow us to identify your body type, postural and movement patterns
  • This enables us to address any imbalances we identify, such as a weak back, rounded shoulders, or weak glutes which could cause problems throughout your training
  • We will then build a personalised Strength and Conditioning plan aimed at improving your bodies function and correcting any issues identified by your Postural and Movement screenings
  • Ongoing Strength and Conditioning programme, in addition to your Triathlon training
  • Unlimited email access to your coach, weekly Facetime/Mobile calls
  • Weekly adjustments to your training plan, as required

Additional Benefits

  • Training Camps: Advance information and preferred status on all Triathlon Performance Solutions training camps
  • Partner Discounts: Garmin products and YONDA wetsuits, other bike and nutrition support also plus KitBrix bags



(minimum 6 months sign up)
plus £100 initial set-up fee