At Triathlon Performance Solutions, we believe that every triathlete can benefit from the support, guidance and expertise of our Training Plans – whether you are an Olympian or a novice, we offer a tailor-made training schedule which will allow you to realise your personal goals. From your initial consultation, to optional one-on-one coaching, we are with you every step of the way, offering a custom-made package which has been specifically designed to maximise your athletic potential.

Initial Consultation

We will discuss your background, ambitions and limitations, in order to identify how best to achieve your goals. You will complete a detailed questionnaire, including your training history, available hours, sporting strengths, weaknesses and testing data. We will discuss the forthcoming season and your goal races – this data will form the basis of your unique Training Plan.

Training Peaks Online

Developed by triathletes for triathletes, this comprehensive online account allows you to plan your training, track your work outs and measure your progress, all in one simple, easily accessible format. Premium membership is included for those subscribing to our Performance Plus and Performance Pro packages, and iPad and iPhone apps are available, so you can update and access your information on the go.

Training Programme

Your personal training programme is custom-designed to be specific, detailed and easy to follow. Individually created to address your concerns, goals, and schedule, your program benefits from the unique expertise of our champion coaches.

Follow Up Chat and Ongoing Support – Training Info Pack

We will discuss your plan, and make adjustments where necessary. We will continue to monitor and provide feedback on your performance, with regular field-testing and support from your coach ongoing. The Training Info Pack is to go alongside your online training, a useful resource to read and answer questions.

Additional Benefits

Discover the advantages of Heart Rate Training Zones using specific TPS protocols. In each Zone, subtle physiological effects take place – use these to enhance your training, and maximise your potential. Guide your intensity (Heart rate, Power and Pace) and use your mobile devices to upload, with a Garmin partner discount available. With all your information stored online in your Training Peaks account, your Race Schedule and Annual Training Plan will be published live by your coach. Daily Metrics (Wellbeing) can be used, to further benefit your performance.

Training Days and Camps

One to one coaching can be arranged, helping you to improve your techniques, race times and performance. TPS clients also benefit from a discount on our training camps, and receive advance information about them, helping you to easily secure a spot at the camp of your choice.