TPS’s coaching services are founded on our vision: to bring best practise triathlon coaching, and make it available to age group and elite athletes alike. Whether you’re a novice or already an elite athlete, we can work with you to deliver a custom-fitted unique training plan which will help you to get the very most from yourself and your sport.

We firmly believe that enjoying your training process and having fun along the way are key to maximising your results, so our coaching and training programmes are athlete-led: you decide your goals, and we help you to achieve them. All athletes are different, and what works for one person may not give another the same results – we offer two levels of coaching programmes: Performance Plus and Performance Pro. Delivered to you using our online training software, TrainingPeaks, each training plan is unique to your individual needs – drawn up by our team of expert coaches, no two training plans are the same.

Using TrainingPeaks, we will be able to monitor your training and progress every day. The specially developed program allows you to upload your workouts through whichever device is most convenient for you: if you have a Garmin or Polar device you can upload training files directly, or, if you prefer, you can update your account manually through your computer or mobile device. When we devise your unique training programme we will set out your annual racing and training plan for you – TrainingPeaks will then send you a daily email, alerting you of your scheduled workouts over the next two days.

Your coach will also receive the results of your workout by email through the data you’ve uploaded to your account, allowing them to monitor your progress, better support your training and adjust your plan as necessary. Our training plans have been specifically designed in this format to offer you a fun, interactive and convenient method of receiving top-level coaching and support. For more details on how we design, deliver, monitor and adjust our programmes, take a look at How It Works.


How we structure, deliver, monitor and adjust your Individual Training Plan

At Triathlon Performance Solutions, we believe that every triathlete can benefit from the support, guidance and expertise of our Training Plans – whether you are an Olympian or a novice, we offer a tailor-made training schedule which will allow you to realise your personal goals. From your initial consultation, to optional one-on-one coaching, we are with you every step of the way, offering a custom-made package which has been specifically designed to maximise your athletic potential.

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Performance Pro

This inclusive package offers professional-level coaching and support. Including an expertly designed, comprehensive training plan which has been custom-created to maximise your athletic potential. An individually tailored, professionally developed 12 month plan structured to incorporate your racing and training goals, time commitments and personal strengths and weaknesses.

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Performance Plus

This comprehensive training package is perfect for individuals who want a professional, structured training plan which has been custom-designed to help realise their athletic potential. With a targeted focus on your goal events, we will provide enhanced individual input, feedback, and support.

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