I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and grew up in Zimbabwe. I developed a love for all sport growing up but was drawn to triathlon at the age of 15 in 1988. I raced my first Olympic distance a year later. After leaving high school I had a brief two years coaching sport at some local schools in Zimbabwe. I then went to the UK to join the Parachute Regiment. While in the British Army I was able to race triathlon and represent the Army and GB Age group teams. I returned to Zimbabwe for a brief period. I then decided to head down under to Australia. It was in Australia that I learned my trade! At the time Australia had the best athletes in the world. I was coached by Kieron Barry then Mark Newton. Both coaches took me to the next level. They both coached world champions. I gained my pro license and was able to race ITU races then moved up to 70.3 and IM distance. I then returned to the UK where I was lucky enough to meet Ben Bright. This was a big breakthrough for me! Under Ben’s expert guidance I was able to really up my game as an athlete. I began to really focus on my weaknesses and take my racing to the next level.I was lucky enough to race in Kona twice and travel the world racing gaining a few top ten finishes in Ironman and 70.3 races.

I retired from professional racing in 2011 and am married to Alexa, have to young boys, St John and Cameron and a Chocolate Labrador called Matopos. I now live in the Channel Islands.
I continue to race as an age grouper and love my job!

As a coach, I have learned that every athlete is different. We all have different time commitments due to work or family. What works for one athlete will not necessarily work for the next athlete. My approach is that you get fit by recovering from the hard sessions. This can be an active recovery or a day away from training. I am always learning and like all the coaches at TPS we strive to be the best we can. We want to get the best out of our athletes.



  • 2014 Commonwealth Games – Tom Perchard
  • Super League athletes – Ollie Turner and Siggi Ragnarsson
  • Jersey Academy Coach
  • Age Group GB World Champ qualifiers
  • Age Group National champions
  • Age Group World Championship Podium finishes
  • Age Group Hawaii Qualifiers

Some of my results as an athlete:

  • Two time Kona finisher 2007 and 2010
  • Canberra Half Ironman 1st
  • Rockhampton Half Ironman 1st 
  • Foster Half Ironman 2nd
  • Florida Ironman 2009 – 4th
  • Ironman UK 2011 – 3rd
  • Ironman New Zealand – 5th
  • Ironman Switzerland 2008 – 5th
  • Ironman Regensburg 2010 – 5th
  • Ironman South Africa 2008 – 6th