Hi folks
Unprecedented times we are living in. No doubt your training will be affected in some way. In some countries pools and gyms are getting closed down. In more extreme cases like in Spain people are in total lock down and unable to go outside their homes.
So what can you do and how can we be positive about this. If it comes down to not pool swimming then there are a few things you can do to replace the 30-60min you may spend in your local pool:
Buy an endless pool – very expensive option and it may take a while. It also requires maintenance.
Build a pool – very very expensive option and will take longer than an endless pool and requires a lot of maintenance.
Buy some stretch bands or resistance cables – a far quicker option than the two above and you remain dry:
Get some TRX or Protone cables or make some using rope – make some handles out of a broomstick or something similar. Watch a series of Macgyver for inspiration. You will be amazed what you can use. Again, a much faster/cheaper option to the first two options! You will also find out you have muscles you never knew about.
With your TRX cables and bands do a home workout with swim specific exercises that engage the core and lower back, a few examples:
Lot’s of other examples online, just search home workouts. 
Open water swimming! The current sea temperature is 10 degrees celsius in the Channel Islands, probably a bit cooler north of us. It is getting warmer by the week. Buy some gloves from a surf shop, get a wetsuit hood and you can even get some boots. No reason why you can’t use a winter wetsuit if you have one. People surf all through winter in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. You don’t have to swim for an hour, just do a quick 5-10min. It’s time to toughen up folks and take on the Chuck Norris mentality! You will feel awesome after a cold swim. It is good for your mental state and can even boost your immune system.
Replace swims with a cycle/turbo or run session if you can’t get down to your pool or don’t have an open water option. If you do indoor cycle sessions and you are lucky enough to have a smart turbo or a device that measure power you can use Zwift or Sufferfest, plenty of options there in the virtual world.
If you train outdoors train in small groups and keep your distance from each other and practise social distancing.
Keep the effort steady but chuck in a few intervals below your threshold effort with 2-3min of steady recovery. There are not many or any races coming up soon so a good time to work on aerobic fitness. If you have a coach get them to change your plan and focus on aerobic fitness, strength work and flexibility.
So interesting times ahead but the good news is you can still get out and train, summer is on the way in the Northern Hemisphere and days are getting longer. Remember to shop responsibly, you actually don’t need stockpiles of loo roll and see if a neighbour needs any help with shopping if they are over 70.