Worlds Results!

What a great weekend in Rotterdam. TPS had a few athletes out there. We will start in order of age group.

Ollie Turner – 50th/77 in the male 16-19 AG Sprint. Ollie got a puncture during the big. He was in the lead group after a pretty swift 9.39 swim. Luckily someone stopped and gave them their wheel so Ollie could finish.

Tom Perchard – 5th/85 in the male 30-34 AG Sprint. A great race by Tom. The top 5 were only separated by 1min 16sec so it was a closely fought race.

Coach Andy B – 30/117 in the 35-39 AG Olympic Distance (OD).

Nick Leyhane – 34th/100 in the male 45-49 AG Sprint.

Jo Gorrod – 2nd/77 in the female 45-49 AG Sprint. The stand out performance of the day. Jo was the runner up to Michelle Jones, silver medalist in Sydney 2000! Plus multiple world ITU champ and Hawaii IM champ. She was only 45sec back. Super Mum!

Phillipa Worth – 32nd/91 in the 40-44 AG OD. A great result by Phillipa, like most of the females that went over, Phillipa is also a Super Mum: kids, job, husband and a dog!

Lousie Bracken Smith – 45th/91 in the female 40-44 AG OD. Racing for Ireland Super Mum Louise smashed it. She was the top Irish female in her AG.

Coach Nick – 5th/126 in the 40-44 AG OD.

Fintan Kennedy – 68th/126 in the 40-44 AG OD – The man was dying with a flu virus. Fair play for turning up and actually racing. With a job, organising Super League Triathlon, kids, a dog, ┬áhe deserves a medal.

Mel Messervy – 8th/79 in the female 45-49 AG OD. Also a Super Mum. Almost did not race as her daughter fell off a horse the day before and broke her wrist.

Della Roderick – 4th/78 in the 50-54 AG OD. Like Jo Gorrod she had Bridget McMahon, gold medalist from Sydney 2000 racing. Also a Super Mum!

So a pretty impressive list of results and what was even more impressive was the party after the race. It was in an Irish pub so things kicked off and most people woke up the next day thinking the sky had fallen on their heads. Rotterdam is a great city and luckily on the day the weather was dry and the sun was out.