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TPS was founded by Ben Bright. A former professional athlete having represented New Zealand at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Ben moved into coaching working in Hong Kong then  the UK and started to work for the BTF. He coached athletes that went on to become Olympians and World Champions. He left the BTF to… Read more »

Our team

Katie Silva

Katie Silva is new to the TPS team. She took the sport up in 2016 coming from an athletics background. Katie is a Physical Education teacher and qualified athletics coach. She went to Loughborough University studying sociology and politics as well as representing the university in athletics. Katie has represented Jersey in Athletics and more… Read more »

Rik Mellor

Rik Mellor has been with TPS for over 5 years. Initially helping out on the Fuerteventura Camp he has climbed up the ranks to coaching with TPS. Rik has a wealth of experience having competed in all distances of triathlon along with other multi-sport events and long distance cycling and swimming events, both for racing… Read more »

Nick Thorne

Nick Thorne otherwise known as Thornado is new to the TPS coaching team. Nick is from Jersey in the channel Islands and has been coaching for over two years. Nick was coached by Nick Saunders for 4 years before deciding to become a coach himself.  Nick started off racing Olympic distance and then made the… Read more »

Nick Saunders

Nick Saunders is a former professional Ironman Triathlete, with a wealth of Top 10 professional results under his belt, including a Top 3 finish at Ironman UK in Bolton, 2011. He also competed twice as a professional in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.

Andy Brodziak

Andy Brodziak practices what he preaches: having competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in 2009 and 2011, he’s coached numerous age group athletes to Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Hawaii World Championships.

Latest News

// Winter is coming!

Hi folks As usual it’s been a while between posts. It has been a year unlike any other during our lifetimes  and it seems to continue. If there has been anything that has allowed us to escape it has been our training. With quieter roads during the initial lockdown it encouraged people to get outdoors… Read more »

// Two types of athletes emerge from COVID-19

As coaches we all have had to adapt, remove barriers and motivate our athletes right from the start of lockdown in March 2020.  I personally feel there are two types of athletes emerging out of this lockdown period, wherever they are based in the world right now. “THE ONES THAT GOT ON WITH IT, GETTING… Read more »

// Winter Training Camp: 2020

Another very memorable week at Playitas Resort, Fuerteventura, early March 2020. The timing of this was close to the wire with Europe rapidly developing into a travel restricted zone with the outbreak of Covid-19. TPS welcomed 21 athletes from Europe, many again from Jersey and a real mix of standards, experience and personalities once again… Read more »