I have just returned from Stellenbosch, South Africa. I was out there with Coach Andy Brodziak, long time TPS athlete Brad Brown and Commonwealth Games athlete Tom Perchard. Andy and Brad were preparing to race IMSA. Pro athlete Fraser Cartmell  was also out there preparing for IMSA, he had arrived a week earlier coming straight from Challenge Dubai. More on that in another post.

The main reason for going out to South Africa was to recce Stellenbosch for a camp we plan to hold in 2016. We sussed out accommodation options, venues for training, bike and run routes as well as sampling various restaurants. As a pro athlete I had trained in Stellenbosch for a few weeks at a time during the UK winters. I used to go out and stay with Tim Don who at the time was racing ITU events. Fraser Cartmell also used to join us. At the time there were a lot of European athletes out there however things have changed a bit. Federations seem to prefer their athletes to be closer to home and seem to now use European venues.


Things have changed for the better though, the roads seem to be even better now with hard shoulders on most of the routes we will ride on for the camp. More restaurants seem to have popped up, world class wineries with food to match. The university now has a 50m pool with a running track a stones throw away and the gym has been updated.



The venue that really caught our attention was the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport. We plan to use this for the accommodation with both a shared and a single option. Restaurants and cafes are all within walking distance. The 50m swimming pool and running track are 1.5km away.

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We will release the date for the camp in the upcoming months. If you want any more info please contact us