Triathlon Performance Solutions (TPS) enters its 4th year visiting Playitas resort in Fuerteventura for its annual training camp.  This summer, TPS will hold a late season camp for the first time, focusing on Kona athletes plus those athletes with other upcoming Ironman races in later months – Maryland, Barcelona, Louisville, Las Cabos, Florida, Brazil, Malaysia, Arizona, Cozumel and Western Australia!!! Wow, quite a line up of races still to come.

It is a long distance camp, principally (but not only) for the triathlete that is seasoned and would like some training where the conditions are going to represent what they will experience in their race later in the season.  It will also give athletes the chance to practice their race nutrition and to train with PROs Fraser Cartmell and Eleanor Haresign alongside some experienced coaches.

We wanted to create a training platform that limits the stress on the body associated with travelling to hot/humid countries in the lead up to Kona, but offers conditions that will be similar to those that athletes will experience in Kona.

The wind and heat is fierce (perfect for pre-Kona training), but it’s not all bad(!).  There will be plenty of food and time for relaxing.  We will also hold talks with our Pros and coaches, including a Kona focused talk from Fraser and the coaches, all of whom have raced on the island, which will be insightful and offer KEY advice.

The camp is about controlled overload before Kona or any other ironman you have coming up in the next couple of months. The plan is to build up the volume over the week.  We will assess each athlete before the camp by sending out a questionnaire to get an idea of their ability so that we can tailor their training accordingly.  There will be plenty of hours and mileage for the advanced athletes.

Not only will you be training hard but you will also learn about  pacing, the importance of nutrition and what to do in the days leading up to Kona or any other long course race you have planned.

Operated with Nirvana Europe and our world class trainers, our athletes rate this as the best way to hone their race strategy and ensure that they maximise their potential for the world championships.

Playitas is easily accessible, with many flights from the UK and elsewhere in Europe, which makes this a training mecca that is internationally recognized by some of the top triathletes.

Please email us for further info.  Places are limited, and are in demand.  For prices and bookings, see website.


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