Performance Plus

Price £130-£140 per month (minimum 3 month sign up) plus £80 initial set-up fee

This comprehensive training package is perfect for individuals who want a professional, structured training plan which has been custom-designed to help realise their athletic potential. This package will benefit you if you:

• Have reached a plateau in your performance and want to progress to the next level
• Want professional input and feedback into your training and racing
• Require long-term goal setting and support

What’s Included?

An individually tailored, professionally developed 12 month plan structured to incorporate your racing and training goals, time commitments and personal strengths and weaknesses. With a targeted focus on your goal events, we will provide enhanced individual input, feedback, and support, and can even offer a detailed session description for each of your planned sessions if required – our focus is on supporting you in any way possible, to help you to maximise your athletic potential.

You Will Receive:

• Daily email alerts to your nominated account, detailing your next training session
• A Premium TrainingPeaks account, including an online training diary, allowing you to view your upcoming sessions and easily track your progress
• Regular field testing to monitor progress and adjust training loads – these can be completed in a race environment with other competitors, or simply by completing a prescribed test session in the pool, on your bike or on the treadmill or the road – whichever best suits your needs.
• A Training Prescription tailored to suit your requirements and your equipment. Based on your field tests, we can offer precision-crafted session prescriptions which are individual to your body’s make up, strengths and weaknesses, using Power (bike), GPS (bike and run), and Heart Rate Zones, allowing you to get the most from every second of your session.
• A discount on Garmin GPS and Power Vector.
• Regular contact with your coach – email access and bi-monthly Skype or telephone calls
• Adjustments to your training plan, as and when required

Additional Benefits:

• Training Days: Discounts on all Triathlon Performance Solutions training days within the UK
• Training Camps: Advance information and preferred status on all Triathlon Performance Solutions training days, as well as discounts
• Partner Discounts: Garmin products and YONDA wetsuits, other bike and nutrition support also.