Nick SaundersNick is a former professional Ironman Triathlete, with a wealth of Top 10 professional results under his belt, he also competed twice as a professional in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. Nick is BTF Level 2 qualified and has also done various CPD courses.

With an abundance of achievements as a coach, Nick’s coaching is built on the same principles as his athletic career: enjoyment of the process, consistency of training and an expertise in recognising and addressing the key aspects of individual performance. The ‘no stone unturned’ approach Nick took with his own training and competitions feeds directly into his coaching, transforming the results of his clients.
As Team Jersey Triathlon Manager for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Nick demonstrated his ability to build athletes from the ground up: having coached Tom Perchard from an amateur level, Nick was proud to witness Tom take 24th place in this demanding competition against world class athletes.

Nick is also head coach of the Aztec Jersey Youth Academy which is now entering it’s second year. The aim of this Academy is to produce world class athletes.